Helicopter Fleet

WIKING's Helicopter fleet consists of twin turbine helicopters, each fitted with a hoist. The helicopters are equipped and authorised for IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and for offshore operations. In addition, the helicopters are fitted with state-of-the-art navigation instruments.

The WIKING helicopter fleet comprises of Airbus Helicopters H145, Sikorsky S-76B and Leonardo Helicopters AW139 helicopters. This allows WIKING to use a helicopter of the a size suitable for the task required by each customer. All fleet helicopters can be flown according to Performance Class 1 criteria.

The fleet further reflects an operational need and customer desire for flexibility and redundancy. Additional flights can be organised at any time, or replacement helicopters can be arranged where necessary. A high level of availability is assured.


The safety equipment includes life rafts with maritime beacons. All our helicopters are fitted with inflatable emergency floats. This enables the helicopter to make an emergency landing at sea if necessary. However, this eventuallity has not occured in the company's history.

Airbus Helicopters H145

The H145 is Airbus Helicopters new 3,7t twin-engine, multi-purpose helicopter. It can accommodate up to 12 seats for pilot/s and passengers. It is certified under the name BK117 D-2. The H145 represents a major evolution in terms of flight performance, mission capability, flight safety and cost of operations.

In view of its performance data and spacious cabin, the helicopter is well-suited for offshore flights and hoist transfers. The H145 has proven its offshore capabilities in wind strengths of 11 on the Beaufort scale.

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Sikorsky S-76B

The S-76B is an American type, specifically built for the civilian market. Beside the composite construction, special features are a low level of vibration, good noise reduction, high velocity and the spacious cabin-size.

Consequently, the S-76B model is equipped with a 4-blade-rotor-system, retractable landing gear and offers room for 12 (offshore max. 8) passengers.

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Leonardo Helicopters AW139

The Leonardo Helicopters AW139 is a twin turbine, medium-sized transport helicopter for up to 15 persons. However, WIKING recommends a seating configuration for 12 persons, since passengers wearing survival suits need more space.

The AW139 is one of the most up-to-date and efficient helicopters of its class, and because of its performance characteristics it is used in every area of helicopter aviation. This helicopter is the preferred choice internationally for offshore operations. The AW139 has a very roomy cabin and can fitted with a hoist. 

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