Since its foundation in 1975, WIKING has flown over 112,000 accident-free flight hours, predominantly in operations at sea and in the coastal areas of the North Sea, as well as supplying offshore facilities. Almost 54,000 accident-free sea pilot transfers have been carried out.

Since construction began on the first offshore wind farms, WIKING has been operating supply flights and crew changes to the Jackup Vessels and platforms in the North Sea.

Having started with Alpha Ventus, WIKING currently operates flights to Nordsee Ost and Global Tech 1, as well as to the BorWin, HelWin and DolWin transformer platforms for the following firms: ABB, RWE, HochTief, Siemens and Petrofac. A detailed list can be found in our references. WIKING transports personnel and materials for the operators and the construction companies.

In addition to being a partner for the offshore wind industry, WIKING also operates flights for the oil and gas industry. Customers for which WIKING has flown include Saipem, Maersk, Gaz de France and Conoco Philips.

Safety is always WIKING's highest priority. For this reason, and as a matter of principle, a helicopter crew always consists of two pilots and, depending on the nature of the mission, of a winch operator as well. The minimum requirement for any pilot to fly offshore for WIKING is 1,200 flight hours; to be a captain the pilot must have a minimum of 2,000 operational flight hours. All WIKING`s pilots hold an Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (Helicopters) (ATPL (H)) and are qualified to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

On average the Captains have more than 5,300 hours of flying experience. All WIKING hoist operators are trained in-house on a training programme approved by the German federal aviation administration. Over the years they have conducted an average of more than 2,300 hoist manoeuvres.

WIKING Helikopter Service GmbH is based at JadeWeserAirport on the south-western edge of Wilhelmshaven. The excellent, upgraded two runway system is approved for visual flight and instrument flight operations for fixed-wing aircraft up to 14,000 kg and for helicopters up to 20,000 kg. With Class F airspace and IFR flight operations (RNAV/GPS Approach) the JadeWeserAirport can operate in all weather conditions.

The JadeWeserAirport can also be used without restriction by our own WIKING air traffic controllers outside normal operating hours, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. The company's own refuelling station makes us completely independent of the airport opening hours.

Located conveniently close to the motorway, the WIKING base is easy to reach by car on the A 29 Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven motorway, Sande exit 6.

Bremen International Airport is about 90 km away and can be reached within one hour by car.

There are several hotels in Wilhelmshaven and Sande which can accommodate WIKING passengers, and which are about 10 minutes away by car.

Furthermore WIKING has a branch (hangar and ground handling) at Airfield Emden. From this location WIKING flies to different Offshore Wind Farms in the North Sea.