Sea pilot transfer

In the German Bight ships above a certain size or carrying particular types of cargo are obliged to take a sea pilot on board to assist the Captain in navigating the respective sea areas, rivers and harbours. In addition to pilot transport by boat, WIKING helicopters are used to transfer sea pilots. A helicopter is used for this mainly in heavy weather conditions, when the wave height is too high to allow safe transfer of a pilot by boat.

In these conditions the sea pilots are either transferred by hoist onto or from marked positions on the ship, or the helicopter lands directly on the ship.

In 40 years of service we have gained a considerable experience base in offshore sea pilot transfers. Since the principal method of transferring the sea pilots on board ship is by hoist, our operational staff in this area are the most experienced in the world. Nonetheless, as part of its quality assurance procedures, WIKING constantly endeavours to make improvements to this task, which is predominantly carried out in harsh conditions with strong winds.

WIKING has constantly proved its reliability since its foundation in 1975, with over 112,000 accident-free flight hours and almost 55,000 transfers.

WIKING maintains its flight service up to wind speed Beaufort 11, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.